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Need a little TLC?

Need a little TLC?

Photo by Shari Harris Tammy Barnes, ND, CAHP, CNHP, is accepting clients at TLC Alternative Health.

By Shari Harris, Publisher TLC Alternative Health, located on south U.S. 63 at High Country Timber and Stone, opened in September 2020 to provide a local option for those seeking an alternative answer to illness. Tammy Barnes, ND, CAHP, CNHP, offers an analysis to find the issues, then works on those issues a layer at a time to help her clients regain control of their health. Barnes shares her personal story of pain and loss of energy, which made it difficult getting through the day. In her search for answers, she spent thousands of dollars on tests, supplements and many doctor appointments to get no answers, but she knew something wasn’t right. Her quest led her to alternative medicine, where she finally found her roadmap to wellness. That led to her desire to give back by helping others find their way. She became a part of Academy Epic, undertaking a 600-hour, massive training to earn her certification in Alternative Medicine, as a member of an elite group of alternative health practitioners. “I help men and women who are struggling with extreme fatigue and controlling anxiety, and who are sick and tired of being sick and tired,” Barnes says. Barnes does an analysis of her clients to determine their unique issues. Scan lab analysis of hair, nail and saliva samples provide information about toxins, bacteria, viruses, food sensitivities, molds and more. This information allows Barnes to develop a road map to wellness and give direction to help clients find their way along their individually designed “map.” This journey to wellness typically begins with a detox. Barnes uses Des Bio homeopathics to detox the system. This consists of a powder (for a shake) and capsules that are taken for two weeks, and drops that are used for six weeks. After the detox, each client’s protocol becomes more unique, and may entail the use of supplements. Barnes emphasizes that even though she is not a supplement store, she has been trained on the supplements that provide the best result. She often utilizes do-it-yourself remedies that equip clients to take control; this may include looking at eating styles. Barnes explains this is not a quick fix; there is no magic pill. A month of work by the client to resolve a year of illness is common. She strives to put the client in control of their journey. “My goal is to work myself out of a job,” says Barnes.

Photo by Shari Harris Barnes shows the FIT BODYWRAP system, which provides an infrared sauna to clients.

A service offered by TLC Alternative Health is the FIT Bodywrap system. It utilizes infrared heat provided in a full body sauna wrap. This increases the core body temperature, which increases the metabolic rate, shrinks fat cells and encourages the production of sweat. Barnes finds the system useful for clients dealing with pain or stress, and it can help with detox or weight loss. Local artist Lanie Frick provided a testimonial on the use of the infrared sauna. “It really helps with low back pain or strain, overworked muscles,” says Frick. “I also think my skin feels healthier. There’s a calming effect in it, with the warmth and the weighted bag. I think it may have helped with digestion as well.” The SHAPE program is also offered by the clinic. This utilizes SHAPE drops and a SHAPE nutrition protocol to cleanse your body of toxins and stabilize your brain chemistry and metabolism in order to achieve and maintain optimal health. In TLC Alternative Health’s mission to help people achieve their healing goals, Barnes hopes to add to the clinic in the future, with massage, chiropractic care and ion footbaths on her list of goals. “It’s a life choice,” Barnes says, explaining that it takes a holistic approach to reach optimal health. “It takes mind/body/spirit for healing, not just one avenue.” Says Frick of Barnes, “I feel a genuine caring, an earnest desire to help people holistically.” You can reach TLC Health Clinic at 573-453-6900 or, or stop by the clinic at 11749 Crest Lane, Licking.